Caramel Madness Brackets

 Caramel Madness Flavor War


You've heard of March Madness 🏀, we want to welcome you to CARAMEL MADNESS!

Over the years we've made A LOT of flavors of caramel.  We started with 12, and added a few more then took a few out.  We've also had some legendary LTO (limited time only) flavors.

We thought it would be fun to pit flavor against flavor and let the best one win, with your help of course!  So make a copy, fill it out and send it back to us through 📧email ( or DM before the fun kicks off on March 17.  The person with the perfect bracket (or most correct picks) will win a 1# Variety bag of caramel 😍

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram Stories for current match-ups, ways to vote for extra points plus 8 bonus match-ups between now and April 4.