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Indulge in any of our 15 luxuriously soft and creamy caramel flavors without the worry of anything sticking to your teeth or dental work.  Whether you’re enjoying award winning lemon meringue, chocolate or our legendary sea salt, our caramels give even the most discriminating sweet tooth something to smile about.

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With well-appointed gift crates, customizable options and easy ordering, we make YOU the gift giving superstar.  Whether it’s a special gift for a friend or a corporate holiday order for hundreds, our delicious caramels and beautiful presentation will make an impression. 

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Our featured flavor plus current team favorites!
NEW! Signature Mix - Dallas Caramel Company

NEW! Signature Mix

Regular price $22.00

We're asked all the time: " What's your favorite flavor?" or "What's the most popular flavor?"

Well, we finally decided to put our most popular 4 flavors together in one bag for your snacking pleasure.  Introducing the SIGNATURE MIX!  

It's filled with Sea Salt, Original, Tx Drunken Nut and Chocolate, of course all lovingly made by hand with fresh cream, real butter and the natural ingredients you’ve come to know and love from Dallas Caramel Company.

  • 1/2 lb. has 4 of each flavor (16 total pieces)
  • 1 lb.. has 8 of each flavor (32 total pieces)
  • 2 lb. has 16 of each flavor (64 total pieces)

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**All four flavors are gluten-free!**

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Espresso Caramel - Dallas Caramel Company

Espresso Caramel

Regular price $19.00 Sale price $16.00

Espresso lovers rejoice! We paired our sweet, smooth caramel with the bold and deep complexity of coffee. Pop one of these espresso caramels in your mouth in the morning and you’ll swear that someone had started brewing a fresh pot of joe. The creaminess of the caramel softens the rich coffee flavor. Perfect for when you need a quick coffee fix between your morning cup and your afternoon refill.

Check out some recipes here!

Is this a gift? Check our shipping calendar to find out the order dates.

**This product is gluten-free!**

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Espresso Caramel Sauce - Dallas Caramel Company

Espresso Caramel Sauce

Regular price $12.00 Sale price $10.00
Smooth, creamy and a distinct hint of coffee make this caramel sauce a delicious addition to anything.  Add it to the filling of homemade whoopee pies, definitely on your rocky road ice cream, or for the true coffee lover drizzle some in your morning cup of Joe.
Armadillo TxTurtle - Dallas Caramel Company
Armadillo TxTurtle - Dallas Caramel Company

Armadillo TxTurtle

Regular price $15.50
Winner of “Best Chocolate Sample”, People’s Choice at ChocolateFest

We have to believe that under that thick armor, the armadillo is actually a sweet little guy who is just misunderstood. That’s why we named our layered caramel chocolate turtles after the unofficial mammal of Texas. Underneath a thick layer of caramel is a sweet piece of dark chocolate, with Texas pecans sandwiched between the two. So take a bite, enjoy, and remember to avoid the armadillos crossing the road!

Our TxTurtles come in packages of 5. Each individual turtle is approximately a 1 oz. portion size. 

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I have tried other versions of sea salt caramels and none compare to these. Just the right amount of salt in a yummy, soft caramel with a generous bite – they are supreme!!


My brother brought me some from Dallas. Oh my goodness, I love love love them. The best candy I’ve put in my mouth. Yes, I ate all of them, no sharing them.

Van Tyler

The variety bag is the best… I guarantee you will have a new favorite caramel with every piece! These caramels are simply amazing.. this option lets you try several flavors at once! What could be better than that?

Traci Diane

Much props to Dallas for making an espresso candy. I been looking hard to get something like this for my baby. Thanks for doing what you do will be buying again soon.

Kendra Johnson