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Indulge in any of our 15 luxuriously soft and creamy caramel flavors without the worry of anything sticking to your teeth or dental work.  Whether you’re enjoying award winning lemon meringue, chocolate or our legendary sea salt, our caramels give even the most discriminating sweet tooth something to smile about.

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With well-appointed gift crates, customizable options and easy ordering, we make YOU the gift giving superstar.  Whether it’s a special gift for a friend or a corporate holiday order for hundreds, our delicious caramels and beautiful presentation will make an impression. 

Staff Picks

Our featured flavor plus current team favorites!
Jalapeno Bacon Armadillo - Dallas Caramel Company

Jalapeno Bacon Armadillo

Regular price $16.00

Full of fresh chopped jalapeno bacon, this TxTurtle is packed with flavor. Layered with sweet dark chocolate, crunchy pecans, flavorful jalapeño bacon caramel, and topped with crispy jalapeño bacon.
This TxTurtle is full of flavor but not overpowering in spice. 

Size: 5 PIECES PER SLEEVE, packaged in Kraft tube like other TxTurtles

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Bacon Box - Dallas Caramel Company

Bacon Box

Regular price $32.00

Where are the Bacon fans out there?  🙋🏽‍♂️

We put this delicious box together just for you, but don't wait, it's only here through the end of June.

Bacon Box includes:  

Value: $37

**Both products are gluten-free**

Bacon Caramel - Dallas Caramel Company
Bacon Caramel - Dallas Caramel Company

Bacon Caramel

Regular price $17.00
The popular opinion is that everything is better with a little bacon. We thought we’d try and see if the conventional wisdom applies to caramel—and it does!

Salty and savory bacon pairs perfectly with the smooth and sweet caramel. We use real pieces of bacon and fold it into our bacon caramel. And don’t think for a second we skip out on adding just a bit of flavor-packed bacon fat.

As you bite through the soft caramel, you’ll sink your teeth into bursts of flavor and playful crispy textures of the bacon pieces. An experience bacon lovers cannot miss!

Check out some recipes here!

Is this a gift? Check our shipping calendar to find out the order dates.

**This product is gluten-free!**

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Special Reserve - Dallas Caramel Company

Special Reserve

Regular price $30.00

This is truly a special gift for dad and anyone that has an adventurous palette.

We start with a sleeve of our once-a-year Jalapeno Bacon Armadillo TxTurtles that are smoky, sweet and utterly delicious.  Nestled next to them is a bag of caramel mixed with our limited-edition Beer Pretzel caramel and our TX Drunken Nut caramel.

Gift is packaged in a 8" white gloss gift box with our classic navy blue ribbon.  Don't forget to add a gift note!

Value $33

Bacon Caramel Sauce - Dallas Caramel Company
Bacon Caramel Sauce - Dallas Caramel Company

Bacon Caramel Sauce

Regular price $12.50

Uncover the velvety, exquisite taste of Bacon Caramel Sauce - crafted with the same premium components as our acclaimed Bacon Caramel.

Ideal for pancakes, chocolate chip cookies, and even vanilla ice cream! Don't delay - secure your Bacon Caramel Sauce before June ends.

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I have tried other versions of sea salt caramels and none compare to these. Just the right amount of salt in a yummy, soft caramel with a generous bite – they are supreme!!


My brother brought me some from Dallas. Oh my goodness, I love love love them. The best candy I’ve put in my mouth. Yes, I ate all of them, no sharing them.

Van Tyler

The variety bag is the best… I guarantee you will have a new favorite caramel with every piece! These caramels are simply amazing.. this option lets you try several flavors at once! What could be better than that?

Traci Diane

Much props to Dallas for making an espresso candy. I been looking hard to get something like this for my baby. Thanks for doing what you do will be buying again soon.

Kendra Johnson