4 Ways To Bring More Caramel Into The World

Customer: What do you sell? 

Me: Caramel

Customer: What do you do with it?

Me: *confused* Eat it?

Customer: Oh! Like Candy?


You would not believe how many times this scenario has played out at events and markets. So I begin to question myself and wonder is this really a question people ponder? I mean, I’ve been asked this on multiple occasions so it must be a burning question. So here we are, I’m going to write a blog on 4 ways to bring caramel into the world and what to do with it! 

Scenario Number 1:

Have you ever been sitting at your desk after lunch and you’re just craving something a little sweet, or you look over at Hannah’s desk and she’s surrounded because she has a candy bowl on her desk. So not only does Hannah get that sweet treat after lunch, but she’s the popular girl in the office. That could be you! Imagine if you had a bowl of our caramel on your desk. Everyone would be asking, who’s Hannah? They would be entranced in a new world of soft, caramel candy that they would probably forget their own name! Then you would then be the “popular one” in the office but maybe that’s not what you want. Maybe you to struggle with being the office introvert and in that case, you take that bowl of caramel and stow it away in your desk. Let Hannah live her glory days while you enjoy all the caramel your heart desires. Sharing is not always caring. 


Scenario Number 2:

Sharing might not always be caring but sometimes, it is! You’re headed over to a house warming party this weekend and you go shopping for a gift, PUT DOWN THE CLICHÉ BOTTLE OF WINE. I repeat, PUT DOWN THE CLICHE BOTTLE OF WINE! While I know we all love wine, who doesn’t, it’s time to think outside the bottle. I can only imagine how many bottles of wine the new homeowners will get but will they get soft, handcrafted, artisanal caramel? Yes, because you will be gifting it to them. Trust us, they will appreciate the thought and the caramel, oh and you! You could be, as the cool kids say, EXTRA, and pair a tube of armadillos or a variety bag with a bottle of wine. I know, I said to put it down but you can pick that right back up because, with the right arm candy, it makes the perfect gift.




Scenario Number 3:

You’ve started a business, you’ve done it! You took the leap, you quit your day job, you’ve hired people, you’ve attained clientele, YOU’VE DONE IT! Now it’s the holidays or employee appreciation day and you remember you used to get some pretty nice presents from your boss around this time. Well, buddy, you are now the boss! It’s now your turn to take the time and effort to treat your team to a gift they will remember. Yeah, you could do a cookie bouquet, a basket of snacks no one actually wants, or a coupon for a free meal at What-a-Burger, we get it, when starting a business times can be hard. Instead, trade all of those lame ideas in for a new one! The answer is caramel! We can work with you to create a gift that will not only be pleasing but budget-friendly. Your employees and checkbook will praise you! 


Scenario Number 4:

Our fourth and final scenario takes place in your kitchen. You’re throwing a party, you’ve got the decorations, invites sent, playlist but you’re stuck on the food. You could hire a catering service but it’s 2020 and you have Pinterest, you’ve got this! You look up several recipes and they all sound amazing yet, they’re missing something. CARAMEL! Take those store-bought cookies and fill them with caramel to make cookie sandwiches, replace the honey on your ascetically pleasing charcuterie board with caramel sauce, baste bacon wrapped little smokies with caramel sauce and bake them. Keeping with the theme, bring caramel into your party favors too! Use our caramel pretzels, pillow packs, or mini bags. Your guest will be impressed with your dedication to pleasing their palettes through the way of caramel. 



In closing, while we can’t solve all of the world’s problems with caramel, although it would be pretty awesome if we could, we can use it to sweeten up someone’s day. I hope I’ve given you a few useful ideas and at the very least, a good laugh. Spread the #caramellove today in all you do! 

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