Gifting In An Uncertain World

We don’t have to write a blog post to tell you that we are living in a different world right now. Our world has changed so much and so quickly in the last month that it can sometimes be overwhelming. Whether you’ve gone from office life to now working out of your home or your kids are having to adjust to “going to school” without leaving the house. No matter who you are, your life has been changed by the pandemic COVID-19 disease. 

We might not be able to hang out with friends, host dinner parties, or celebrate special occasions in person right now, but you still have the power to brighten someone’s day. It might be your gramma’s birthday, your best friends had to cancel their wedding or you want to show appreciation to a stand out employee. Whatever it may be, we have a couple of ideas that can help you show your love while from the safety of your own home.

🎁The Thank You Box🎁 - Not only does it include caramel goodies but it also includes party favors! Do you have an employee that’s going above and beyond during this crisis? Show them your appreciation.

💙Variety Bag and TxTurtles💙 - Do you have a parent or grandparent that you’re unable to visit at this time? Sweeten up their day with a caramel care package. The variety bag is fun because they’re able to try all 15 flavors. The TX Turtles are always a good choice because they are so nostalgic and classic.

🥨Pretzel Box🥨 - This is an ideal gift for a family. Since each pretzel is individually wrapped it makes it very shareable. While most kids are at home tuning 

People are looking for comfort and hope more than ever right now. If you have the opportunity to help alleviate that stress in any way, do it! Whether it be a phone call(or zoom), sending a gift, or even a handwritten letter. Take the time out of your day to show those around you that you're thinking of them. 

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