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Caramel Pop - Dallas Caramel Company

Caramel Pop

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These simple treats have taken the world by storm.  Okay maybe not, but they are simply delicious and fun!  Everyone likes food on a stick.

Our Classic Pop is 1.5oz of Sea Salt caramel, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt.

The Mystery Pop is just that...a mystery.  We choose the flavor of caramel, dip it in per-determined white or dark chocolate.  We have taste-tested each flavor in both white and dark chocolate and have chosen what we think is the best combination.  The flavor of the caramel is listed on the back of each pop so you'll know what it is before eating.

Each pop is 2oz total weight.

Mystery Pop Flavor combinations Include: 

Original Caramel / Dark Chocolate
Chocolate Caramel / Dark Chocolate
Orange Caramel / Dark Chocolate
Cinnamon Caramel / Dark Chocolate
Marshmallow Caramel/ Dark Chocolate
TX Drunken Nut Caramel / Dark Chocolate*  

Apple Pie Caramel / White Chocolate
Lemon Meringue / White Chocolate

 * please specify in order notes if you prefer not to have this flavor (due to inclusion of nuts and whiskey).

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